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*Note that we don't make an offer to everyone, this call is about determining whether your drumming can become better with our model and whether our community is the right fit to help you with your drumming vision.

Examples of Current Students We Have Helped With Their Drumming

"You wouldn't believe how mind blowing this program can be."

"I feel a lot happier playing the drums because I find myself able to do the things I wasn't able to do before"

"I have a sense of where I'm at in the process, and now I'm not putting myself down."

"I started this as a complete beginner. Now I can play double bass and blasts at 150BPM"

"A lot of folks have noticed since me doing this program that my ability has increased by a lot"

"I sound better in the band. My bass drum is more consistent and my hand technique is more consistent."

"My left hand has improved drastically in 2 weeks, much faster than it has in 4 years"

"I like that I'm able to practice more at my own pace while also having challenges and a sense of direction with my practice. Because, before I wouldn't really have a plan, and I also didn't have direct feedback which is a major help."

"There's so much clear and well explained resources here, and having the opportunity to hear from professional drummers is invaluable."

"Thanks to your help. That's all ankle now" - Greyson Nekrutman (Sepultura, Suicidal Tendencies)

"If you wanna get your double bass tight - check him out!" - Stevo32 (Sum 41)

"My feet are doing much better!" - Michel (Gorguts, Beyond Creation)

"It finally clicked! There shouldn't be any tension in your legs, no hurting, no pain... "

"Already feeling like I'm flowing more freely! I'm way more relaxed now and dropping the heel"

"Now my double bass is on the range of 115-120bpm. Feeling steady progress and it's nice"

"Had one of the most free and in the moment practice sessions and jams to a couple songs that I've ever had"

"Much more control on the left hand and less brain work while playing"

"These group calls are extremely helpful for direction and advice"